Why Do Neurotypical Think They Know Best?

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Here’s the thing. I’m done. Done with normal people telling me how I feel, how I should feel, how I ought to feel and how they expect me to feel.

I am autistic. I am on the autistic spectrum —god forbid I use the words that just feel right, let’s use the ones I am expected to use.

What was I saying? Oh, right, I’m on the spectrum. High functioning, according to scientific descriptions made by people that, usually, have no clue.

Science wants to know how we perceive X, so they get…


Death Came to Sort Out Our Karma

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I have heard every possible conspiracy theory about the origins of SARS-COV-2, better known as the virus provoking Covid-19, and I have to say, some are good, like really good, and some are really, rally bad, and some, though crazy enough for a slaughterhouse movie, do offer a good amount of entertainment. I bet truth, as usual, lies in between it all.

Yet I wonder what if?

What if the Earth itself used our ingenuity, dressed with human arrogance, to kick us where it hurts? What if it did so to get rid, once and for all, of what has…

And It’s Not What You Might Think

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It’s been almost six months since my family and I left the US for Spain. Our choice was made out of a desire to find a better place to live, where we could regain our hope in the future; a hope we had both lost living in the US.

It was related to Trump being president of course, but not per se. More of a “if this can happen it means we’re beyond repair” kinda thing. Destruction of America started way before the orange became mischief in chief.

I guess watching people you…


And Guess What We Found

Cultural Prompt: “Expressing Positive Changes Emerging After Our Lives Were Disconnected Physically from Our Pre-Covid-19 Lifestyles”

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There was a draft,
a storm came in;
branches are broken,
heavy trashcans flying through

We grabbed the belts,
we fastened them;
It wasn’t for the fly,
it was all about the stay.

Stay safe
— yet that was not
the trick.
Stay balanced
— now the writing
the one on every wall.

The signs of a new
the message, loud,
a brand-new song within
our heart.

We must,
— oh no we don’t! …

Writer’s Life

When You Just Don’t Expect It…

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On December 6th I published my first Poem Collection. I had reached the end of a journey within life, COVID, and all the new bits and pieces of my life and felt the Collection was finished and ready to go.

As an Indie, I had spent long hours learning about formats, Amazon Kindle, and the pros and cons of self-publishing. An easy choice, given how hard those readings made it sound to even start to find a ‘real’ publisher for a Poetry Collection.

So I am ready to press the final Upload and end…

At Least if You Are Looking for Readers

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I found this awesome page on Facebook, I thought. Until I used it. But even then I gave it one more chance. Four actually…

Same results. My reads went down! Like seriously down.

Let me explain.

There are some Facebook groups created, allegedly, to help Medium writers boost their post and get reads, and it works like this: you post your piece and ask people to read, clap and, in exchange, you do the same for them.

Alternatively, you paste your link under someone else's post and they will, as promised, read…

Dystopian nightmare… or reality?

See If It Fits You

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Everyone looks alike, the same hair color and texture, the same eyes color and the same bodily structure. Yes, like clones, real clones, the only way to avoid differences and wrongful breeding; let the algorithm replicate life form a single source. Teach these clones one global language and ensure same interests in life, then feed them the same food, every day of their life.

Perfection accomplished by the one and only real race God intended to live on the planet. The final dream come true.

There is no music, no art and no poetry because individuality has been erased to…

Ken was a cop, he called himself an alchemist but not too long ago his fellows would have burned him at the stake.

His gift? Freezing time, and done he has hundreds of times. His wall is proof of this, shelves covered in peculiar snow-globes; in one a man walking down the street, one with a teen next to a crib, many more filled with one distinctive feature: one human only, existing in their merry day.

Except, they were not. What Ken had taken out of time and frozen were instants, seconds before a murder would take place. He knew…

At Roßau, Vienna’s Jewish cemetery, there’s a lot of silence lately.

It’s not the dead being silent because they cannot speak, or party, or do any other of a million entertaining things, they are silent because the living are not showing up anymore.

There was a time, not long ago, when every jew would come and visit their beloved ones, make them feel at home and alive; no more so, and one by one, the dead, are slowly dying.

For you see, dead people are not really dead, not as long as those who breathe keep them in their heart…

Is this why I’m drained-dead?

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I am lost, that’s how it’s like. Stuck in a tar-like jell-o substance called “new normal", forced to witness random insanity sequences repeating themselves like a broken script of Black Mirror. It’s real, yet it can’t be. No life can be this crazy, right?

Every day since February of last year felt as long as a normal year, and by that math, we should all have earned our retirement, even those born in 2020.

But we didn’t, on the contrary, most are forced to figure out complete new ways to make a living since the world flipped upside-down, yet no…

Moni Vazquez

Poet Author, Writer, Lover, and Explorer.

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